Ein Himmlisches Feuer

Simply Saxony
Short film
06 — 2021

Emma Schlingmann
Jenny Rehburg
Jura Germanyuk
Tom Streller
Tim Pfautsch
Erik Kinder, Liv Speißer, Lise Herrmann, Kirstin Püschel, Lubowski Kadila, Christian Backhauß, Hannah Sieh, Jura Germanyuk

About the project
As our team is mainly rooted in east Germany, many of us feel a deep connection to our home and the history this region experienced over the last few decades.

This is why we are really happy to have produced this experimental short film with the help of Simply Saxony. A mixture of childhood home videos and the experimental films by the likes of Christoph Schlingensief, this film tells the story of a small town in east Germany facing a relocation in favour of the regional lignite industry in the former GDR.