Music video
04 — 2021

Tom Streller
Tim Pfautsch

Jura Germanyuk
Tom Streller
Tim Pfautsch
Jooke Stoffers
Claudia Schmutzler
Frank Leo Schröder

About the project
When Sascha Stiehler approached us to create visuals for his upcoming solo piano music, we immediatly felt the large scope of the music paired with the intimacy of the piano sound. We came up with a look identity rooting in naturalism but with otherworldly influences, which we translated into a series of live performance videos as well as one music video.

The story we wanted to tell with this projects is about the neverending circle of life and how each individum is trying to find a place in this world. With the help of our amazing cast we brought this story to life and are excited to share the project.