Zero Discrimination Day

The Beauty in Difference

Spec commercial
02 — 2021

Emma Schlingmann
Jenny Rehburg
Jura Germanyuk
Tom Streller
Tim Pfautsch
Paula Goos
Kevin Korz
Jimena Banderas
Calin Kwame Boashie
Paul Siegling

We are all unlike each other, but we are not alone.

About the project
Once again we had the chance to create a film both visually stunning and meaningful, with our recent project for Zero Discrimination Day. Exploring the feeling of differentness and alienation in an abstract way, the film encourages to take a stance and speak up for oneself and highlights the strength of our diverse society.

Utilising a stylized visual language and an amazing cast, this project follows a similar approach like current sports and lifestyle commercials, to create a memorable viewing experience and to get across a powerful message to a broad young audience.

This project is very important to us, so again we want to thank everyone involved for making this happen.